I noticed that in drown me slowly and sound of a gun both have the exact same it might be kinda hard 2 hear it in drown me slowly but it starts at about 2:49 and it goes...

The open mouth of the city
Swallowed the town
With that same old concrete
That I still walk down
And it seems they put a shine
On this place when I was young
But baby I just don?t see it now

In sound of a gun it starts at about 2:57. Is this song supposd 2 be a sequal or something???? Either way i find it interesting, did anyone else notice this the 1st time they heard it??
Quote by Audio_hollic
you mean you copied it from here?


the lyrics are the same, and theyre both slightly off.

cant you give credit where its due? thief..

umm no actually, i didnt steal it form there i know all of the songs on their old albums word for word and i heard soag while i was listening 2 revelations and rememberd the line from dms. So maybe u should get some ****in background info before accusing me of plagerism
wow what a moron, the lyrics are exactly the same that you posted as they are on Songmeanings and they are both off, what are the odds of that?