I'm going to go for a Mesa, I've played a few but there are still a couple I haven't played.
If you want a Led Zep sound then why are you going Mesa? Didn't they use Marshalls?
I think youd be better with a Marshall or something.
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Yeah, a JCM800/plexi will work, or an AC30 w/ a fuzz (tonebender!). A mesa is probably not your best bet for zep sounds, although if you MUST have one a Mark IV would be about the closest.
You should probably get a tonebender no matter what amp you decide on, it really nails the fuzzy LZ sound.
^That's not what it's supposed to do, is it?
Hope your amp gets better soon.
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^That's not what it's supposed to do, is it?
Hope your amp gets better soon.

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Aren't the Marshalls enormous? The Mesa F-50----F-30 are small. Does Marshall make a combo that size? Please don't tell me to get the MG series, I had the 100 and it was awful.
marhsall JCM 800/900 combos are around.
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And you could always get a Marshall head and then a 2x12 cab. Then it won't be enormous.
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If you insist on getting a Boogie, I would get a Mark III or Mark IV (because of the graphic EQ - shapes the tone a lot more than the bass/mid/treble knobs) and replace all the power tubes with EL34s.
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