I wanna play country stuff. Now, tabs give you, say, a C chord. (Enter the n00b stuff) So what notes do I play of that C chord to make it as it is in the song?


That explanation is terrible. Individual notes from a chord. When I'm given a C in a song - how do I know which individual notes to use? It can't be all of them because say in a Bm, there are too many.

So yeah. Help. Heh.
My name is Marc! Silly username.
I don't understand!? You want to know which notes make up which chords? I'm not sure though.. because if you're reading tab, the notes are already given.

Ok. Example.

C E Bm A

Right. In the song, though, those chords.. the notes that make them up are individually picked, yeah?

So how do I know - from a C chord, or whatever - which of the 5 notes to play? Because picking them all individually doesn't sound right (In that there are too many notes in the chord)

Hard to explain. Or maybe I just suck at explaining. Sorreh.
My name is Marc! Silly username.