I got an Ibeanez V series acoustic for my b day. It was on back order for a while. I was really exited when it finally showed up. I opened it up and it looked great. There are few flaws. The white inlay has some brown/creme spots. You can see a few spots near the neck joint where paint was missed. You cant tell unless you look really close. Its black btw. Single cutaway. BEAUTIFULL! Spruce top, mahogany sides. Nothing to suggest its plywood so far. (my first acoustic ended up being plywood ) I plugged it in to my ten watt electric practise amp (usually acoustics plugged into electric amps sound like crap) it sounded awesome. The eq works. It has a piezo pickup. I even put the distortion on for a little bit. It sounds really good. I just thought I'd throw that out there.
The V-series are all laminate not so great beginner guitars. But if you like it, that what matters.
No, the only problem I have with it is its painted. I will admit it dosent sound as good as I wish it did unplugged (kinda lacking in bass becuse of the cutaway) but it sounds good with chords. Single notes dont sound good (maybe its just me, I like the sound of chords) but I like it. Needs better strings though.
200 on mucisians friend. I like it. It sounds really full on chords which is what I mostly play.