I had to come up with some lyrics for my band today and need some feed back

Verse 1:
"your caught and
locked down
No way out this time
feeling its near the end
you attempt to fight

Chorus 1:
I sit back and laugh, you wonder how I dare
I turn up the heat, you wonder how I dont care
I stick in the needle, your veins turn to rock
I flip the switch, your feelin' electric shock

Verse 2:
the room has revolved
you're unconfined
free from bind
There is no lies
now im the one tied

Chorus 2:
You sit back and laugh, I wonder how you dare
You turn up the heat, i wonder how you dont care
you stick in the needle, my veins turn to rock
You flip the switch, I'm feelin' electric shock


Chorus 3:
They sit back and laugh and wonder how we dare
They turn up the heat, we wonder how they dont care
they stick in the needle, our veins turn to rock
They flip the switch, watch us only to mock"

I dont really like that "electric shock" lyric but couldn't really think of anything that went there. please leave me some suggestions/feeback. Thanks