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2 33%
les paul
4 67%
Voters: 6.
yo please dont flame ne ways im lookin at a epi les paul custom or a gretsch electromatic black now i know that the les would be the smarter choice but i just love that gretsch sound lol so ne ways wats your opp. ?
whats opp? im guessing it means opinion. i would go with the Epiphone. as much as they get flamed by people on this site it doesnt matter. theres only three differences between the high end epiphones and the gibsons. one is the pickups which can be changed two is the wood is lighter three is the name, simply having the name gibson hikes up the price a bit. another difference is the tuners which are actually better than gibsons. i dont like gretschs though so my opinon may be useless.

Edit: I see your new you will be flamed alot if you dont learn how to spell. DonT TypE lke dis. Whole words would be good to
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It's a lot like the Gretsch but with P-90's and sounded better than all the Gretsch's I played.
It also has a relatively small body compared to most Gretsch's.
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