Metal for life

Ever since I was a young boy, I?ve like heavy metal, rock and roll. Lynyrd Skynayrd, AC/DC and ZZ Top. Just to name a few. ?80s hair/ thrash metal. It just cant be beat. nu-metal and underground. the heavier the better if it makes your ears bleed. I will bang my head and salute!

I am, metal for life
got long hair and a switch blade knife
I?ll be, metal ?till death
Rockin? out hard chest deep in debt

My dream is to hit the road, tour with all the big names. Sell a million records in a matter of minuets. Rollin? in doe.

I am, metal for life
thrashing in pits all though the night
I will be, metal ?till I die!
Hard music is what I like

If you cant mosh to it, (it doesn?t have soul)
If you cant mosh to it, (I don?t wanna hear it)
If you cant mosh to it, (it doesn?t have soul)
If you cant mosh to it, (I don?t wanna hear it)

I am, Metal for life
Metal for life
Metal for life
Metal for life
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Any good?

No. It sucks, delete it.

Then if you must post this horrendous exuse for a metal song, please be sure to give the thread a proper title. In formation on proper titles in the sondwriting forum is it the songwiting forum's rules thread (it's a sticky, you can't miss it).
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hmmm, seems like it would be good for a rap song, but a rap song about metal? theres always a first!
Definantly can see this more as a rap in the begining due to the somewhat lack of structure in the first "stanza" and in the structured areas I can see some heavy guitars; so possibly a rap/metal blend or something. It is very simply and somewhat boring due to it's lack of imagery or anything of that nature. If this was meant to a joke/non-serious song you nailed it pretty well. But if you were trying for a serious song, you may want to consider a major revision.

Please crit mine One Man Russian Roulette
Do you write like this so you can time-travel and get a spot with White Snake?
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