hey guys, i just put a new set of strings on my guitar. they're half 9's, half 10's. and i was wondering, if i decided to go with a set of 11's, would i need to adjust my bridge and truss rod? or can my guitar handle it?
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Usually with a gauge change you will need a small adjustment of atleast the truss rod. Don't worry, it's pretty simple. You can damage the neck, but you have to be pretty careless about it. Adjusting the truss rod is a lot simpler than people like to say it is.
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You won't know until you make the change.

+1 no point in studying up all this **** and not even needing to do it for the time still good to learn but if your a bit of a lazy bugger (like me ) then yeh i will rather just wait till the strings have been fully stretched and are on the guitar too see if any adjustments are required
keep in mind a trem bridge will probably lift. again thats a simple adjustment, just letting u know, cause it can freak you out if ur not familiar.

^ignore if uve got a TOM.

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An adjustment will probably be needed but you won't know for sure untill you put the 11s on.
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Like others have said, you may need a minor adjustment of the rod, and some adjustment of the trem. You may need to tighten the screws in the back cavity, under the plate. Also string height and whatnot may need to be fiddled with by adjusting the saddles.
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