Ive been learning how to play under the bridge by the chili peppers and noticed this chord -x-
When i find a chord i havent come across before i usually look it up on guitar pro to see how i should position my hand and fingers. For the above chord your (i) should be on 7, (M) on the 8 and your remaining too fingers on the 9s.

Now seeing anything onguiatr from style or theory is no law of music but rather a guideline, i was thinking on those line when i came across this chord. When i play chords i want to feel as comfortable as i can. So when i play this chord i position my hand as a regular barre chord minor but just moving it my fingers down a string.

My question is, do any other players do this also with other chords as it makes some progressions easier to play or do you just stick to the 'prescribed' way of playing a chord?
If the trend continues throughout the song where that continually happens, I do the half bar or bar chord minor
That part is on the chorus, no?

I don't bar that chord, since it is only in the chorus, I try to find what is comforatble for me. Heck, I play D major by half-barring the first 3 strings with my index finger.
Na its not part of the chorus its the second chord during the verses. The Progression is E, B, G#m, A. Well it is with the tab im using
yer its much simpler to play a progression when everything is barred compared to trying to get the text book shapes happening