ok, so for my b day im getting a new guitar but im trying to look fro ones about 800 bucks no more. i was thinking about getting a white epi les paul custom or an electromatic gretsch , i mean everyone is telling me to get the les. but i just like the sounds of the gresch... please help i like playing punk and mainley modern rock but if there are ne other guitar sugestions it would be much apreciated ...thx
i was lookin at the epi sg but i noticed the action was a little wacky and how the neck got wider when it hit the body
what kinda music you into?
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Air guitar.


well you can always adjust the action, i hate it when people dont like a guitar because of hte action of the floor model at guitar center or something,( this isnt directed to thread starter)
im mainley into punk and rock so i was just wondering i read a few reviews on the UG reviews and they just said it was good for a lotta types (les paul)
Try as many models as you can and go for the sound and feel you like best.
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Check out some Fenders. How about an SG?

Um..fender doesn't make SGs..

Just go with what you like.
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im just confused

well just tell us what amp you use? then all will be resolved