we play with alot of punk roots, but i dont think were punk, unlike most punk bands, were not punks were the cool kids, with the hot blonde girlfriends, abercrombi and fitch cloths and good grades, im not saying punks dont get good grades but when i usta be a punk (life is better on the other side of things) i got bad grades soooooooooo any way................no more stereotypes, our music is like brighter music, such as american hi-fi and all american rejects, mixed with pop punk like blink 182 and sum heavy power chords like sum41.....what the hell music we playin?
1. you sir, are a superficial goober.

2. You are unfortunately pop-punk.
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Bitches be Crazy.

um... for one stop caring about genre, and just play the music. 2, none of us here care that youre the "cool" kid with the "hot" girlfriends. if you were really cool, it wouldnt matter or not whether you had a girlfriend or not, be she hot or not, because you wouldn't mention it because a, it doesnt matter, and b, its not showing off.
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You are a pop band.

And when I last checked, genre described a sound, and only a sound. It doesn't matter that you have a hot blonde right hand.

Indeed. Sterotypes do not define a genre. Looks do not define a genre.
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It doesn't matter that you have a hot blonde right hand.

...that is probably sleeping with the guy next to you.

This thread belongs in Bandleading, but I won't be bothered to move it. It's quite obvious what your band 'is.'

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