I have a Ibanez GSR 200. It has 4 gnobs on it and I am really confused as to what the hell they exactly do. Now I didnt get a owner manul with this guitar nor has their website been helpfull to me as they have thier manuals online but i can't pick out the setup that is the GSR 200. Could anyone help me? and once i find out what type of thing they do what should they be set to?

Link to it is here http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=GSR200
just turn them all the way to the right, then trial, and error. im guessing two of them are tone and two are volume.
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the setup is probably- one for master volume, one for master tone, one for tone/blending/volume of the bridge pickup, and one for tone/blending/volume of the neck pickup. you can set it up however you want, but usually the master tone should be turned up all the way and master volume at the volume you want, and you can mess with different tone blending settings.
im pretty sure one has to do with teh pick ups on the guitar because there are ones closer to the neck and ones farther.... not really sure what hte hell that does for me.