I'm gonna get a new amp once I have the money, and I'm looking at the mesaboogie f-series amps. I play heavy metal, and I like a lot of distortion and sustain. Which one would be best for what I play(and also consider the price, anything way too expensive is out), the 30, 50, or 100, or if they have something better for a good price please tell me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
BTW my guitar is a Jackson DX10D dinky with two duncan humbucker pickups.
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I personaly own a dual rec, and I think it covers metal just fine, but if you're more into a "classic metal" sound I've heard the mark iv's are better although I've never actually played one. I don't know much about the f series amps so I can't help you there.
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I played an F50 a few weeks ago, it sounded nice, and had a lot of gain, but probably not enough for heavy metal, or so I thought.
Try one of the F series out.
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the f series does have alot of gain, but its voiced a little different from the rectifier line and the mark line. also, the f30 and the f50-100 are different, i think the 30 have 6l6 and the 50/100 has el34 (or vice versa, i dont remember) but really for any one of the f series amps youre gonna want an eq or maybe a boost.
I tried out an F-50 at guitar center and I thought it sounded great, plenty of gain for metal, IMO
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i'd say the 50 or 100, el84's are quite sweet-sounding when they distort.
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