Well i have a 60 watt combo amp... line 6 flextone II... love the amp and the speaker blew... so i have a new speaker... 75 watts handling... 150 max... and i am down to the point where i need to figure out what polarity the black and white wires, coming from the amp are... and i dont have a polarity tester to figure it out... and i dont wanna blow my new speaker... or amp... so... my dad, whos an electrician... told me the black wire is "probably" positive... but i dont wanna risk the chance of blowing anything up... so help would be wonderful...
if it's only 1 speaker, you don't have to worry about polarity. ie, just connect one end to black and the other to white, you'll be fine.
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actually polarity differences between 2 speakers only really start to cause cancelation at lower frequencys. ie. 2 tweeters/upper mids wired opposite of each other = fine. 2 subs wired opposite = whered my sound go?!? (i've always been a car audio nut :P )