Ok, im not sure if this should have gone in the Electric guitar section, but w/e.

Iv been using 9 gauge strings ever since I have started playing guitar, and now I think its time for an upgrade, The only problem is, im not sure how to adjust the truss to move to 10's , or 11's. And also, I have no experience in different gauge strings, I play metal, what gauge strings would you guys suggest?
just put them on...it shouldnt affect it hardly at all...i went from 9s to 11s on my strat without any problems whatsoever
Same with me. You'll have to adjust your action/intonation though. If you have a vintage type tremolo, you might want to tighten your springs too.
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^ i agree with them...and if it does mess it up at all..take it in to a shop.
they'll set it up however you want it...
and for strings...
try...ernie balls skinny top heavy bottom.
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Depends if your guitar has a tremolo, if it does, i suggest you use up till 10s or hybrid string coz you'll make the trem much stiffer, not to mention it would ruin the knife edges if your LFR is made from non-quality metal. For adjusting the truss rod, you'd just need to check the neck relief, if its proper, then its fine but if its not, then only you adjust the truss rod.
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