Firstly, if this doesn't belong here, I apologise for being a dickhead...

Anybody here from Christchurch, New Zealand, interested in forming a band??

If you are into Pop-punk, Emo, Punk, or Rock bands, like blink-182, Green Day, Rise Against, Ten Foot Pole, Offspring, System Of A Down, Bowling For Soup, NOFX, etc, and want to form a band send me a PM or something...

I'm looking for a 2nd Guitar, Bass, and Drums... Guy or Girl, and if you can sing that would be kewl too...

I Animals!!! They're Delicious!!!

...I'm oNly a litTlE CRAzY, BUT A LITtlE GoeS a LOnG WaY...

¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? Lárgate cabrón.

i don't live anywhere near you, but try putting up ads on phone poles and stuff.

this should also be in classifieds

don't worry about it being in the wrong forum, though.
Call me Michael...

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