im going to go see bob dylan in concert at the san francisco civic center in october, anyone else going? or possibly has gone to one of his concerts before? id like to know what to expect. thanks

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It's extremely well done and an awesome concert. He plays most of his songs totally different though. Don't expect any acoustic stuff. The ones that sounded most like the original versions were Just Like A Woman and Like A Rolling Stone. He plays All Along The Watchtower like Hendrix's version.
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Look on his website and see if previous recent setlists have been posted yet.
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I will bet you will hear at least seven songs off his new album, which will be refreshing for a change away from all the older stuff. There's at least (3) songs on the album (Thunder on the Mountain, The Levee's Gonna Break and possibly, I'm not sure of this exactly, but Rollin' and Tumblin are straight 12 bar blues songs capoed around the third fret. Before I registered with UG, I submitted these tabs...easiest chord tabs I've ever done. There's another ballad, called Workingman's Blues #2 you will find on the site that I made, and it's slightly more difficult. Get to know the most recent album and hope he plays "Things Have Changed" for an encore....forget about the old stuff....he's going to crank it up with all the new music.