I HAVE BIG proplemo with memorising the tune sound ...can any one way to help me recognise thease ......and how can i tune the strings using the telephone numbers buttons ????????????????????????
arent there only like three tones on the telephone keys? well either way, how long have u been playing? its usually something u just pick up from playing alot, i memorized the way open G chord sounds, then i learned to do it without playing anything

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Memorise a low E note (keep playing it, you'll remember, or save it in your phone as a sound or somethin) and that's all you need to know really, and tune the rest of the strings by that E.
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Unless you have perfect pitch you won't be able to know if a single string is perfectly in tune. You just need to tune the guitar to be in tune with itself which you can do by playing the 5th fret on one string and the open string on the next highest string (except for tuning the B string, where you fret the G string at the 4th fret rather than the 5th) and tuning so the 2 strings play the same note. You'll probably need a reference note from a piano or some other instrument (or just a tuner) to be able to tune the guitar to standard E.
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