Ahhh, i think i am quite the idiot. Well, i need some help. I took the pickgaurd off my squire the other day to check out whats inside. (idiotic i know) anyways, i had a poke around, realised it was a big mistake to do that, then went to put it back on, but then i discovered that 4 springs had come out of nowhere, and the pickups were like, falling apart. What are the springs from? and more importantly, how do i fix it :S Help!
the springs go in between the pick guard and the pick up. they hold the pick up up. If you put the springs around the pick up screws your pick ups will be like they were.
ahh i see. Kind of. Do you mean they go inbetween the body, like, the routed part and the pickup or the pickup and the pickgaurd
When you put the screws that hold the pickup through the pickguard, put the spring onto the screw and the screw that onto the pickup.

the spring goes between the pickup and the pickguard