Hey just wondering if anyone can give me any insight into what may be up with my Marshall AVT 212 here. For a start i use a Korg ax3000g pedal for my effects and distortion and ive noticed its been sounding quite dull recently, now i dont know but a mate of mine says that these amps have tube preamps in them so if the tubes are getting old would this affect the tone? or could it be my pedal? Also when i switch my amp on the cooling fan (i guess) has trouble starting up and takes a few spins as if ur trying to start and old banger lol. Had the amp about 2yrs so is it worth taking this down the shop to get it looked at, or does it simpley need a dusting inside like my copmuter recently? lol
Take it to the shop rather than looking inside yourself, you could get hurt or something.

Have you tried it without the multi-FX?
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lower end marshall usally have ****ty transfromers. but in this case it may be a preamp tube
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To be honest i havent played it without the multi-fx for a good few months now so i doubt id be able to notice a difference, and my amps still under warrantee it turns out so im not opening it up anytime soon lol. How much would it cost to get it looked at? and possibly a new preamp tube?