Just wondering, im trying to learn this riff upto speed, but when i play it i shift my hand up and down neck, i dont stretch my fingers. Is either way ok?
sorry if this is a bit vague

I think you should stretch with your pinky...
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It's better to stretch your fingers, it always allows to play faster then shifting the whole hand up and down the neck. It'd be also very good to get used to use alternate picking all the time.
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If you cna stretch, stretch. You can always increase your stretch ability.

If you don't like that, just get fast.

Pretty simple, right? Hardly begs a question IMO...
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stretching your hand would be more economical, and in the long run, it'd help you the most, do some stretching exercises before you start practicing, i found that 3 notes per string scales helped me to stretch out.
yeah but thats a 5 fret stretch on the first 5 frets its tough, i cant physically reach that far at all never mind at speed so i wouldnt know wot to do there, lol
I can reach it but its not comfortable at all, ive seen videos of guys on use tube using both ways, shifting and stretching and both sound the same.

song is necrophagist - foul body autopsy, i dont paticurly like the music, but i can see how usefull it would be for my general skills to learn it throughly.