i have only been playing 6 months or so. i have been trying to get in the habit of maintaining my instrument on a daily basis, and clean it after every practice session. So far, all I do is wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth to get the fingerprints out. i use the dry cloth to wipe down the fretboard and the neck, and i wipe down the strings the same way. i am just concerned with body oils getting all over the strings and electronics. What is the best way to maintain the instrument after playing every day? Do i go buy some sort of cleaning spray? Or stick with the dry soft cloth method?

maybe i should start washing my hands before playing?
ive been playin for i long time and i tend to clean my guitar every week or so but i use dean markley guitar polish it rocks
Don't be so paranoid about your guitar, they're not fragile, and cleaning the strings doesn't hurt, but it's not really essential. I got the Dunlop Maintenance kit with the fretboard cleaner, polish and string cleaner and i do the polish and strings once a week and the fretboard whenever i change strings.

I'm used to get paranoid about screwing up my guitar and thinking it was gonna die etc, but really they're strong mofo's, and the electronics are so simple that it'd take quite a while to break down due to poor maintenance.

Focus on changing your strings once a month - that's a bigger priority.
Dr Stringfellow's LemOil for the neck once in a while and GHS Fast Fret every time I play for a lengthy session.

I clean the body with Windolene or something
body= guitar polish and guitar cloth.
neck= fretboard oil, unless it's maple.

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I just use Mr Sheen everytime I restring, it works fine, makes it shiny for a while.
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