Hi, this is my first post, and i made this account for the very purpose of asking this

I've got a GCSE recital evening coming on the 28 September, and i'd like to play Everyday Combat, i got it all learnt, great, apart from the solo, which no site on the net seems to have. If you could take the time to work this out for me (shouldn't be too hard for you) then i'd greatly appreciate it. Everyday Combat is by Lostprophets btw.

Yeah, so if you know it, could ya please send it to me at tlozoot_zoot@hotmail.com

Or just post it here. If you haven't got the song to listen too then maybe i could send it to you over MSN or via email.

Thanks in advance!
Ok, i need to name the song i'm going to play on Monday, if i can't get my hands on the solo by then, i'm going to have to learn the whole of something else.

Sooo...if anyone could be as kind as to spend some time working this out for me, you wouldn't believe how grateful i'd be.
Last day now. Please, if your feeling charitable, please, help me out. Thanks....
hello.. also just registered hoping to get this tab.
can anybody figure this one out? i have a program that slows down songs w/o lowering the pitch, but only for the first third of a song

c'mon.... who's got balls? don't just think you're better than me- know it please tab the solo.... please?