I'm looking for a practise amp as my 120w Laney isn't good for bedroom playing. I have to keep the volume right down so I lose a lot of clarity and it feedbacks quite badly because my room isn't massive. Also, living in a terraced house it can be quite a nuisance to the neighbours.

I'm looking to spend no more than about £100/$180ish on something, essentially I want something with the best all round tone that is going to be playable at a reasonable volume.

Idea's please?

edit: If it can be purchased from www.gak.co.uk then it's going to be favourable
I like the small Fenders. I got a very mean sound out of an 80w rental Fender one time.

If you want to record yourself, practice along and work on your chops, the Fenders are the way to go. Good sound, plenty cheap, and they are definitely NOT loud.
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you've got a cab, maybe pick up an epi 5W tube head.

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I was thinking of maybe picking up a cheap 1 x 10/12 cab and plugging that into my head. It's going to be way to powerful to drive it at a large volume, but for bedroom practising at maybe volume 3/4 it's not going to be overpowering.

Is there any danger to the equipment doing this?