yo! I have learned guitar for a year and a bit and Im ok, but I'd like to improve some more. I'm thinking of having lessons at my school. could anyone give me a rough idea of how much lessons cost and if u think theyre worth it. thanks a lot
When I was first starting out I got lessons in the back of the music shop for $15/30 minutes. That's pretty cheap from what I've heard... I didn't really check anywhere else so I guess I got lucky.

They are worth it if your teacher knows what he is doing. If he teaches you scales and theory I'd say it's worth it (even though you won't think so at first) but if he is teaching you songs and riffs I think it's a waste (you won't think so at the time).

It doesn't make any sense but you will be a better player in the long run if you learn the hard and boring stuff early on.
I agree^. My lessons came to just under 20 bucks per half hour, and were worth every penny. It's one thing to read about theory and scales, but totally different to see it applied. Having a teacher will give you a different perspective on the guitar, and it can help a lot. When I first took lessons, I was a noob, by the third lesson, I was writing simple rudimentary riffs, and he was showing me how to write chord progressions to build a song.
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How many lessons are necessary to gain a knowledge so you can go on your own and build on it? I was thinking of taking a couple lessons to get me started and then go back once I got the basics down. Right now I am still learning open chords, and trying to learn strumming patterns. I only know 4 chords at the moment (well only 4 that I can change at moderate speed) I was wondering if I should learn the rest of the chords on my own, or start lessons to stop any bad habits from forming.
I went to about six lessons I guess - 1 per week. If you aren't strapped for cash and you feel like you get your money's worth out of each lesson I don't see any reason to stop going.

I'd say stop going when you feel like you aren't progressing any more. I stopped going cause I felt like I could learn more on my own using the internet and other tools during the week than I could out of a 30 minute lesson. The first few lessons got me to that point though.
Nearest teacher to me charges £19 for a half hour if I recall correctly.

He's an awesomely excellent teacher though.
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...