Hey guys.

I am not a drummer. I cant even play a beat on a drum set in real life.

But I would like to make some drum loops using beatcraft.

Can someone give me a crash course on using the program or something that would help a begginner out?

I've seen all the tutorials that are on the interent and those havent really helped me very much.

Does anyone want to donate some of their beatcraft files so I can get a general idea of what i need to do to keep a beat?


Is there a way you can have 2 different tempos for two different patterns in the same song?

Yes it is free, but my trial just expired And the tutorial in the help section of beatcraft has a good one.
it can be free if you download it illegally with crack ahah.. i've been using beatcraft because i find it a lot friendlier to use than say the drums on fruity loops. I'm by no means a professional but know my way around the program because its pretty straight forward. If you just wanna play along to something you can open up the samples it comes with. Or if you want to start your own project you just pick a drum set you like out of the kit library and drag it into the pattern editor. Then it's up to you depending on how you want to make your drums sound. As far as having 2 different tempos in the same song you can't actually save patterns then change other ones because the tempo changes for all. So if you plan on doing that you set up your pattern editor to have 8 beats per measure and 8 steps per. That is the first thing that comes up when you start-up the program. This way you can set the tempo at the slowest speed, then add double the amount of kick drum or snare to add double the tempo, it should make a lot more sense while you actually have the program open. i hope that helped you get started and if you have more specific questions i may be able to help you with that