I've been playing electric guitar for 6 months self taught now and I've just started lessons (This is the pack I bought http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=67158 )

The first question is what would be a good lead to get and do I need a new one? The current lead I have is pretty cheap and terrible, though I've also been advised against getting a new lead due to the amp only being 15 watts.

Next the strings, there are just so many strings, and I want to know what's a good kind to get? I play all types of rock and metal on my guitar so would that mean light gauge is best? And what are these slinky strings that I've heard about? Are they any good?

Any help for this newbie guitarist would be much apreciated.
any two straight plug guitar lead is fine. planet waves comes to mind.

Daddario is the brand im using this week for strings. ull want to try out a few brands, change it up every couple of months. stay around 10gauge, give or take.

strat copy set up guide, dont touch the truss rod tho.

string change guide.

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Planet Waves make great leads...

There aren't any particularly bad strings made anymore, although I would advise against snarling dogs. Try d'addarrios or GHS or Rotosound or whatever you like really.

Ernie Ball Slinkies are probably the most widely used strings in metal. Super Slinkies are probably the ones to go for, cept they're fairly pricey...
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I play Hard Rock and my personal preference for strings is; Rotosound Pinks (0.09) - Awesome strings, very reliable, and you also get a free High E String. But try out a few brands and select the one you favour the most.
I've been using Dean Markley 10-52's for a couple of months now. They provide excellent bottom end and a decent high end. The high strings are light enough to shred on, and the low strings are heavy enough to keep good tension in lower tunings, so when you're pounding away or hitting really fast pedal tones, they don't flop around. Of course, I learned on Ernie Balls, and I tried GHS for a while. Frankly, the only time I could tell any difference was when I got these strings.
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i have a really old used fender cable this guy gave me and ive had it for 2 years and its still working perfect. ive bought other brands in this 2 years and have had all of them but one short out.
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Why is a marshall amp shipped with a strat copy? You think, from a marketing standpoint that a lp copy would make more sense. . .
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