Sorry if this is in the wrong area by the way For some reason my guitar, when played acoustically sound really dull and out of tune. Yes, it is in tune. Its an epiphone lp special 2 i kno its not a great guitar but it did use to sound good, and the strings are pretty new as well.

thanks in advance for any help given.
1) If it's in tune, it's impossible for the guitar to sound out of tune unless you're bending strings or playing wrong notes.
2) Change the strings, maybe you got a bad set.
3) Raise or lower the pickups with a screwdriver.
4) The wiring might be going, you can't really tell until it completely stops working unless you're really good with that stuff.
5) The neck might be warping, get the truss rod adjusted.
its an electric smart one lol j/k but they not supposed to be played acoustically thats normal if it sounds bad electric then g4et new strings
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It sounds like bad intonation to me. You need to tune the strings so they're spot on when played open, and see if the strings are in tune at the 12th fret. If not, adjust the bridge accordingly.
Make sure it's intonated right, if you don't know how then take it to a guitar shop and they'll set it up for a small fee.
kl thanks again, is that the thing where you ajust the bridge or something like that?