i didnt know what forum to put this under, so i figured this had the most people that could help. So my band's drummer's kit is just way to loud help!!!!!!!!
yeah i was gonna say the same thing as sashki.

try with him using those pads that silence the drums a bit.

or wear headphones
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or he shouldn't punish his kit too hard so it's not that loud
or turn up your amp
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Tell your drummer to get some dampeners they will soften the sound of the drum kit.
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i dont get what u mean?

is it too loud for ur ears?

if so wear earplugs

or is it overpowering the rest of the band?

if so turn ur amp up
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well its not really a problem when we gig cause we turn every thing up, but when we practice we cant have it to loud cause we get complants, but my drummer is too lazy to buy anything, so is there lik a household item i could use to dampen his kit?
My old school used to put towels over the skins... quietened the sound. It'll look stupid, but try that out.
If your recording you should, as a general rule, have your head phones on so you can hear exactly what your playing. Then when it comes to the mix drop the dB of the drums and bring up the guitars, bass and vocals.
If your just practising, then all the above comments are valid. Dampening pads on the drums are good and aren't that expensive, and that way you can talk to each other without having to take off your headphones every time!
Or you could get your drummer to use cheese strings instead of sticks
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my drummer is too lazy to buy anything

Get a new drummer that isn't stingy!
he could put a blanket in the bass drum, that'd help.

and bandleading would be the best forum for this
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what about cymbals

Duct tape
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if you get complaints from having the amps too loud i dont' get why you dont' get complaints about the drums if they are overpowering the amps....

i just blast my amp over the drums and wear earplugs, people walking by seem to dig it, haha.
I was going to say crank it up lol but thats oviously a no go lol
Try blankets in the bass drum, duct tap on the symbals and a sheet covering the drums
Get a bigger amp.

edit: Oh, tell the drummer to buy dampners for his kit. If he won't buy them, you can either buy them yourself, or threaten to boot him from the band.
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drumkits are loud, learn to live with it. If its drowning out your guitar get a louder amp, if you've already got a somewhat powerful combo, take it off the floor.
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Try one of those plexiglass divider type things that i can't think of the name of. A sound sheild I think. They are not made for that, but I've heard them used, and it made some what of a difference.
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