2 or 3 hours I spent to compare three pedals side by side. The chain I connected all of them was like this:
Guitar->Maxon OD-820->Maxon OD-9->Maxon OD-808, since the OD-808 had false bypass. Generally, I did the knobs in the following way: output->12 o'clock; Tone->maximum; and the gain knob went gradually through 9, 12, and 3 o'clock.

Compared with the 820 and OD-9 the 808 is too weak. When you play it first, it seems it's got enough transparency; however, it sounds too dull as soon as you switch to it after the two other pedals. And you notice this quickly. And it totally falls apart when you increase gain to maximum. So it's an obvious outsider.

Comparing the two pedals together, I found they sounded very similar. Perhaps it is because they were both much thicker and more transparent than the 808. They both have true bypass and each one has its own voice. Neverthenless, the sound of the OD-9 seemed too truncated to me. It's slightly noticeable, but when you're playing for a long time, you finally hear it. Not like the OD-808, I think it'll be robust when you play together in a band.

I was the most transparent, powerful, and midbassy pedal out of the three. It was as gritty as the OD-9, but when you turn to the OD-9 right after playing the 820, you hear some gray flavor in the OD-9, the sound that shades the natural guitar tone. The OD-820 gives out more low tones than the two previous pedals, which makes the sound more solid and less boxy, not enough to compete with tube pedals though. Still , it's considerd to be a pedal of mid tones and from this point it corresponds this idea.
The tone remains the same transparent at high volume too and I can say it'll be robust, when playing loudly with the bass and drumns. One drawback is too. Compared with the 808 and 9 this pedal still is too sharp, but it's a matter of taste. The more gain you add on the three pedals, the more you notice how weak the 808 and 9 become.

I think the Maxon OD-820 is the best pedal among the three. Three pedals of the same function are too big an arsenal for me, so I'll sell both OD-808 and OD-9.

I'd like you to share with your own ideas too. If you want to write a comment or add something critical or approving, please don't be shy to put it out.

so you tested them all in a chain, turning each one on and off, or you tested them seperately? Hopefully seperately.
Behringer makes good sound processors like crossovers, expanders, limiters and stuff. I don't care of pedals they may make. I order Maxon's directly from Japan which is very easy, since Japan has the common border with the USSR. http://maxonfx.com/vintage/od820/
the OD-820 costs loads more than the other two, so it's not surprising that it's better. how much for the OD-9?
I used the Hamer Diablo II and there was the single coil in the center of the body. The amp is SL VS 5010 (50 watts, 7 tubes: EL34 as poweramp and 4 12AX7HE's in the rpeamp section and one for the reverb) -> Marshall TSL C 212 cab. The OD-9 is about $150; the OD-820 is about $250. They say it has that very expensive vintage chip that former TubeScreamers used to have.
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