Here is just a chorus I wrote a while ago. I like to use it as a backing track to solo along with while playing guitar. I really like it.

Please share your thoughts on it.

Chris 41.zip
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reminds me of stay together for the kids by blink, its really cool ma, how come you and a few others use midi for backing tracks etc?
it was pretty good , i would have some flowing melodic bass stuff in it . And is there a guitar solo over it? , If so, then it is fine but I really think some melodic bass stuff (loud enough to be a definent part of the piece) would really make this awsome , get all that stuff and you would really have something sik!
haha, the main chord progression is exactly the same as one of my bands old songs, we dont play it anymore but i really liked the chord progression. The strings were a nice touch and i liked the movement in the bass part, the drum fill at the end also was cool and helped link it back to the beginning again, cool stuff
that was great man, it sounded ery epic indeed with the synths etc, very well done! very nice chord progression, bass and, like weebl said, a cool drum fill at the end which worked very well. keep it up
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That's almost exactly the same chord progression I used in an old instrumental my band used to do...
twas very epic indeed and the build-up into the chorus was very well done and would work well with dynamics. great job
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