k so im using KRISTAL audo recording software and ive got my guitar plugged into an amp, direct out to the board, then out of the board i have it hooked up to the cpu through a usb input. now all im trying to record is a guitar track (or two) along to a backing track


Kristal wont let me import an MP3 as a track... so ive tried converting it into PCM .wav and i tried .ogg (never heard of it before)
anyhow it let me import the tracks, and the sound quality is fine

but for some reason either the 5 different conversion programs i have tried, or KRISTAL itself is cutting my backing track down to like 2 mins 20 seconds from 4 minutes...


i've been using kristal for about 1 year now, haven't had much experience wit much else.

is the speed (tempo) of the backing track changing when import the .WAV into kristal, or is it just cutting the track short?

if the speed of the backing track is changing, it might be problem with the sample rate during conversion.

if the track is just being cut off, but no alternations the sound, it could be limitation of the conversion program or the 2 GB limitation of a .WAV itself. I don't think the problem is with Kristal, but more likely with the conversion.