I love gibson explorers, and am considerring getting one as it has a versatile enough tone to work for all the varied music I play, but what I was wonderring was if getting one is advisable if the other guitarist in my band plays a Dean ML and the bassist plays a Jackson Kelly Bass. Is having all the players play odd shaped instruments distracting? Corny?

The band plays metal at the moment, but we do play some other hard rock and stuff, and I play on clean when I play solo stuff(sans band solo I mean). I know that I want this guitar, but I am willing to consider an SG if need be.
I've said it before, I'll say it again.
It doesn't matter how you look, just play good.
*shrugs* I don't know...
I agree with Jaykib. I'd trust him with the lives of my wife and children.
If you play Twisted Sister's 'Burn In Hell' backwards, you get a message telling you to go to church and pray every sunday.
We do play well, I am just concerned that we'll look like a cheesy group if we all have out there guitars........

In my area at least, looks are a big selling point, they get the girls, music makes the fun and money, but looking cool gets you laid.......(especially when this is layed on top of great musicianship)
i hate explorers, you cnat play while you sit, but i know most people stand but i like to sit and play, sg's are great i have one
I don't think that having all the guitars in the band odd-shaped is cheesy, in this genre it makes you cooler, and adds to your show. I say go for it.
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I really dont think most people care what guitars a band is armed with. Most people actually care that the band sound good. So you should pick guitars that sound right for your style of music and feel good to play.

If thats an explorer then so be it.....but you should try others to see if they are better.
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I agree with Jaykib. I'd trust him with the lives of my wife and children.

thats scary since your only 14