i need a nice but cheap bass amp. i know u get wht u pay for, but wht do u think the best bass amp i could get for under 100 bucks on ebay. i dont need anything special and nothing real big. i play a precision, mainly rock, little jazz. thanks!
The best amp you could get for under 100 bucks could be a 30 watt, bordering on 40 watt bass amplifier. Hell, you might eveb be able to get a decent sized speaker in it as well. But don't expect it to be of any use to you at a gig, but for practices, they are ideal in the sense they can be easily transported. I reckon the sort of amp you should get for practicing could be a TGL, a Fender or Peavey make.
yeah im not planning to use it for gigs, just for practice and even taking to friends houses to just jam.