I own a Fender Squier stagemaster series. I absolutely love the sound of it... Ive tried many guitars that were considered more "high end" but this guitar has the perfect sound for my playing style. I also love the look and feel.

The problem is, after 7 years of dicking with it, the intonation is pretty ****ed up. It has a floyd style bridge which I regret buying 100% because I dont use it, and it only causes me headaches.

I tried bringing it in to the local repair shop, and when I got it back, one of the strings was still out of whack... Ive tried fixing it myself... I know how to change intonation on it, I even have the little tool for doing it. The 12th fret is sharp from the open note, but I can move the saddle all the way away from the fretboard and it doesnt even change the intonation. what the **** is up with that??

Any suggestions on how I can fix this? or, another better question would be... can I have my bridge removed and replaced with a regular bridge?

If you want to replace your routed floyd rose cavity with a fixed, you gonna have to fill it with wood 1st or you could just block it with 2 piece of wood. And about your Floyd Rose, there're 2 holes for the intonation lock screw to be placed, so one of those screws are too long or too short to lock the saddle then you can move it.
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