I am selling my 535Q and getting something under $200 Canadian (about $180 USD), but given crappy Canadian taxes, I'd shoot for under $160.

I was looking into these:

Morley Mark Tremonti wah

Morley Bad Horsie

Morley Bad Horsie 2

Basically, a switchless wah (preferrably not a Dunlop)...
I just got a bad horsie and i realy like it the switchless wah is awsome. If you take the back off and look at the circuitry on either of the 3 im sure, there is a small dial and you can adjust the delay like when you take you foot off how long it takes for the wah to cut out. I think i should have bought the bad horsie 2 though just for the contour.
There's also the Ibanez Weeping Demon which can be both swtichless and switch. Look into that as well.
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switch-you prss the pedal down until it clicks to turn the wah effect on or off. switchless-when you put your foot on it and start rocking, it comes on. when you take your foot off, it goes off
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