I have Behringher Ultrabass 120watt amp, its a decent combo amp and the Eq as well as the ultrabass and shape filters are high quallity. But the speaker isn't great. Its a 12inch alliminum cone that cant be pushed over half volume without distorting.

I'm interested if i can take the head off the original speaker and use it to power a larger speaker. The head has a speaker out output so i could simply take the entire combo round but use an external speaker. But i dont dont wanna just use an external speaker. I want to keep the first speaker it came with in tact and somehow give it a line in so (with a power amp) it could be used as an extra floor moniter.

As well as that i'd appriciate any advice on decent well priced speakers that can be given a full 120watts and not distort. Im looking at the Behringer ULTRABASS BA410. This is a 4x10inch alliminum cone speaker apprently up to handleing 1000 watts. I also will (sooner or later) get a decent head so i dont wanna buy a crap speaker that'l be no good if i buy a decent head later on in life.

Confused? So am I. Thanks in advance for any help.
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