Anybody from or ever visit Chicago and go to the Buddy Guy's Legends blues bar? I've never been to the windy city, plus I'm underage so I can't get in. But I've seen footage and I've heard from people and my guitar teacher that some of the best blues muscians have been there.

If you're not familiar with it, the way it works is that you sign up to play (whatever imstrument you play), and after each set they call up a new set of musicians. My guitar teacher went there but he didn't sign up because it was a four day waiting list. They decide which key, tempo and style they'd be playing in and it's all improvisation from there.

Anyone ever been there or have any good info to share?
^i was going to get tickets to go to see buddy there for my birthday, but i found out you needed to be 21
i got stuck in chicago o'hare airport once waiting for a flight to england. it was overbooked and i was hoping to get bumped so that i could go downtown to legends.

sadly they found me a seat in business class, i was really pissed off.
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Never been there, underage, but I saw it on BETJazz, and it looks like a great club. I'd love to go when I'm 21 or over.

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going there alone would be amazing

playing there is one my dreams =D
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Sounds like a great place, 21 to get in
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Hah, you think I want a fake ID to buy beer? Hell no, I just want one to get into buddy guy's club :-p