yea i know ive got pretty cheap pedals, and this isnt that great but too bad. And the reason i didnt start the thread when i started building it, or have pictures from when i was building, is because first im lazy and second those are boring

EDIT: i might as well throw in a picture from my bands recent gig. im on the far left.
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how easy is it to reach the pedals? they look like they are below the level of the side, which kinda would be hard to step on wouldnt it? i would put something under them to raise them up a bit, like some foam or another piece of wood. you could even set it up with a thin piece on top of some risers so you could run the cables under the top and out of the way. those are just some ideas that i would do if it were my pedalboard.
You kinda look like Jimmy Page in that picture. Not a bad pedalboard.
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Are you gonna psint it? Cool build BTW
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i dont think so. it might scratch alot on the bottom so it would look really bad. and i suck with paint lol. i was thinking of getting tolex or something but i forgot. i might stain it eventually, but for now i like it.