Ive been playing with three fingers out of no where for the past few days, and ive been trying to get even a rhythm down but it seems so difficult, i can play just fine with 2 fingers, and much faster than I can with 3 right now. I know eventually ill be able to play much faster, and this is what I want, but my pinkies being a little dickface.

Everytime I goto use my middle finger or my ring finger my pinky just naturally, this wasnt a problem with my two finger technique because my ring and pinky just chilled together and never popped up while I was playing. So is this going to be a problem or am I just blaming terrible techinique on the little finger?

Secondly is going Index, Middle, Ring, Index, Middle, Ring, Index, Middle, Ring... the best way to play with three fingers?

Lastly, my ring finger sometime goes rogue and hits other strings, will this get better with time and practice?

Thanks much for even reading.
For your pinky problem, it's normal for your pinky to move slightly, so long as you keep it off the string. (Unless you want to do four fingered picking)
To me ring-middle-index works easiest, but all I do with three fingers is the gallop... or picking multiple strings.
And about your ring finger getting rogue, it will get better; you just need to learn to better control your fingers. With time it'll get easier.
I play fast tripplets with a fast sweeping motion of my ring, middle and then pointer. but that's all I use three fingers for.