does ne one else here with more than one guitar, when they break a string on one not replace it til the other guitars is broken? i just had this problem and broke my high e string on me guitar, thena wk l8er i broke the one on my good guitar and have none to put on!@!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaargh no playing til new strings
u should try to chang strings ASAP
correct me if im wrong anybody but if u leave the guitar stringless for a while would that lead to problems?
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I always have a big supply of strings, I buy in bulk i never buy less than like 10 packs at a time.
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I have a lot of strings, and I usuakly change them as they break or start sounding like ****, but I have to change all the strings next time I change them because I the morons at the shop put on .09s, instead of .12 3'd wounds.
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i replace the strings that break asap and i always keep a few on hand
my dad jus replaces all the strings when one breaks
I always change strings when I break one, unless I break one while actually changing them. I'm constantly changing strings... at least one set per guitar before every show, not to mention I change strings between shows during setups, and sometimes between setups, and before I record, too. Seems expensive, but that is probably the best way to do it. Besides, when you do it almost as a living, it's TAX DEDUCTABLE, just like all the other gear I buy every year.
I change my strings on a regular basis. I always have two spare sets in my house, when I use one I immediatly replace it. I never used to but got fed up with being in a similar position as the first poster, having to wait until you get replacements before you can play.
If one string breaks I replace them all, even though the strings I use come with a spare high E, I find it doesn't sound the same with a mix of old and new strings on.