Ok i've been playing guitar for about 2-3 years and im in search of a new one, im

thinking about a schecter Tempest Blackjack, i've looked at a bunch of reviews, and

played one for about 30min - 1 hour, but still am not sure, so i just wanted to see if

anyone had any opinions about this guitar?
Did you like it? If you likd it get it.
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I think schecters are pretty good guitars. I've played the c-7 blackjack the 7-string one, and it sounded awesome with the seymour duncan pickups. I was about to buy it when I came across an Ibanez that I fell in love with, so I got the Ibanez instead. Schecters are alright but not at the calibur of an Ibanez, Ibanezes are mant to rock.
get the tempest custom in white, it's so sexy and plays very well
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alright i'll try it
but if it falls out and my guitar breaks i'm going to eat your first born.
...just so you know