In a couple days ill have an Agile AL-3000 trans amb, and for my birthday coming up im getting Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck and JB Bridge adn got em almost a month ago and their 30 day return is up before my birthday. My guitar teacher says i should return the pickups and check out the stock pickups first which "resemble" i think gibson burstbucker and are more for classic rock. Will these pups be right for me or even the Duncans, some bands i like are... Velvet Revolver, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Metallica, anything having to do with Zakk Wylde, and also some grunge/garage rock like Local H and The Vines... can anyone recommend pups(especially if you own a AL-3000)... sorry so long and confusing
You might want to look at EMG. Though they wouldn't go too well with the garage rock thing. Those burstbuckers seem like a good compromise. What type of guitar?

edit: sorry, thought the AL was an amp
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I like the Duncans, I got Duncan distortions myself good for grunge and metal but the burstbuckers are good for the classic stuff so I suggest Burstbuckers and a good distortion pedal.
what amp do you use? and i would get something like a duncan custom in the bridge and a alnico II pro in the neck for tones