My amp doesnt count for this as i cant afford a new better one.

But! Im looking at Mostly Early stuff, Think Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd Solo's, AC/DC.
Im thinkin of a Flanger (for me mostly, not to imitate) But Distortion wise, a Boss Blues Driver, Also Possibly a Delay of somekind.

I want the distortion to be able to go to newer punk (NoFx) aswell as fuzzier stuff (Misfits, Clash, Ramones etc.)

Am i goin in the right direction here, need some help please.

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distortion=marshall guv'nor
delay=boss dd3
flanger=something by MXR or the boss Fe-2 i think its called?
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I have the blues Driver and I use it for all classic rock. It sounds pretty cool. I also get a pretty cool solo tone out of it too. And yea go for the Boss Delay DD-3. Flager, probably an MXR.
I wouldnt suggest the Blues Driver as a distortion. Itll be too mellow for what your doing(punk)
Maybe a boss OD/Distortion combo(blanked on the exact model). I think it might suit you better.
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What amp do you have?
The BD wouldn't suit you for punk.
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