All right - I'm thinking about a new multi-effects pedal to round out my very simple setup (which is... a 97 American Tele + Princeton 112 + Danelectro Fab Distortion)

The Yamaha has no company reputation, the Digitech has a pretty bad one?
The MagicStomp is a $300, 2-year old product, and the RP150 is a $160, brand new product... But both sell for $100 (well, the Yamaha is $80, plus shipping).

I know... "buy individual pedals"... I'm a college student. I just bought an American Telecaster. I don't have space. And I'm looking to play every kind of music imaginable, except for country...

So, I'm looking for... is the recording of the RP150 respectable? I have a pretty good studio available for free if it isn't. And for a indie, post-rock sound (delay, odd noises, etc.), which should I go for?

Any wise advice would be appreciated.