Hello Everybody,

THis is my first set of lyrics I have ever posted...
Please can you give me your opinions or any advice



Few Miles Past

Chords- F# E Bm A Am

Intro-F# E Bm


F# E
I?ve been drivin? down a lonely road
Bm A
And I?m headed nowhere
Bingin? all weekend
E Bm A
When we meet I?m givin? a blank stare

Keepin? the pace? I?m tired movin? fast
And this big city living
You?re all I ever wanted, all I desired
Nothing was what I had, cause you weren?t giving

Last night I called to say I miss you
You were gone all night
If you just listen to the birds
Their soft songs I hear the melody and no fights

By myself thinking what it was like
I need some time
Breathing this air, all agony?s gone
Embrace the peace I can sleep all night

Grazin? in the grass, lonely as can be
But where I can be myself
After my own heart, Listening to my soul
Flesh and blood there to help

Livin? in contention I?m hanging by a thread
My souls starving and it needs to be fed

Am E F# Bm
Begin to unleash and Let it be known
Am E
We?re not imprisoned, but
A Bm F#
In this world we?re all on our own

F# E Bm
Past few miles have been left behind
F# E
The freedom? and liberty
Bm A
Help to see and breathe
F# E
Retain the things that matter
Bm A
But baby don?t forget the Past

Past Few Miles Past Few Miles
Everything flows pretty nicely with the exception of a couple verses but really nice concept and good job posting notes along with it.
For your first set of lyrics, this was pretty good. I wasn't too particulary fond of the rhyme scheme, but that's just a personal preference, so I'll overlook it. I thought the flow was pretty good and the writing was solid. Just keep on writing and you'll get better and better. Overall, a great job.

Crit mine please

RH Factor

P.S. What kind of song is this? It reminded me of a Bob Seger-esque tune, but that's just me.
Played it a few times, everything mixes together fine. great song, keep it up.
R.I.P Jerry Garcia (1945)-(1995)

In the winter of '65 we were hungry, just barely alive.

kudos. i didnt get too much of a flow, but i also keep an open mind simply beacuse the way songs can be sung. good job. i like it.