" How the hell do guitar wiring guru's find different ways to wire a diagram that works?".....There has got to be a method to the madness.
What methods do u use to draw up a diagram that works.
(i.e. thinking process, things to keep in mind, table drawouts, difference between parallel and series wiring, and the pluses and minuses of different these different methods)
Once you know how all the different kinds of switch work, how volume and tone pots work, and how series/parallel wiring works, it gets a little easier. I used to get completely baffled by wiring diagrams, but then when i made/asembled my Strat and wired it up, little things began to make sense and i started to understand why everything was wired in that way. Then when i re-wired my Epi Explorer I learned about how series/parallel/coil-splitting works, and i learned a little more.
When you make a new wiring comfig, you've just got to think about what you're trying to achieve, and then break it down into all the relevant sections- pickup selectors, series/parallel/split switches, tone pots, volume pots etc.

Check out http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/, that has loads of info on it, as does StewMac. Good luck with it all!
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