Hi all,

Me and my buddies used to jam/practice with 15Watt practice amps but my brothers drums were just too much so I decided to upgrade. Wanted something with a powerful clean cause we both have pedals, but wanted something that we could maybe put either a second guitar into , or maybe a mic and guitar. Came accross a used LabSeries L7 yesterday at a music store and once he told me they had a 10 day return policy, I was sold. Its 100W 4 x 10" speakers. And I know, most of you are probably saying "that f***ing noob doesn't deserve an amp like that!" right now. Timing is everything!

I drag the thing home and plug it in. Not sure the footswitch works yet, I repaired the cable quite easliy, but hadn't had a chance to test reverb. But last night we did notice the sound cut out on us twice briefly, with one mic and one guitar plugged into. The amp was rather warm around the controls.

So here is where I need some help: Do i try to fan it and see if cool air fixes the problem, or do I just return it and get my money back? I paid $300 canadian, taxes in. It seems like money well spent so far, the sound is really clear. And this solution frees up the two practice amps for the second guitar. Any input would help, no pun intended
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Pop it open, check connections+wires (exersizing proper safety precautions, of course). Hold onto it for sure. That's a very nice amp.