is a 7 stringer worth it i was thining ibanez
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Ibanez RG7321 if you dont have a lot of money Ibanez RG1527 if you have a nice amount of money.
if you wanna try something new definatly go for it,its a standard guitar plus a lower string, so why not u can play more things with it, and ibanez make great 1's, my friend has an esp 7string no-trem, im not sure if esp makes them with a tremelo bridge
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i hear the ibanez are not thick, the esp isnt too bad, try it out and if its too wide go for a 6 string
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It depends on what you want to do really. I tried one once, and really wasn't thrilled. For me, the benefits did not outweigh the negatives.

I don't play death metal, though. I found that I often got mucked up on my hand shapes for stuff because what I was expecting to be a bottom E string was really a bottom B string and found myself constantly having to think about that. I'm sure that would be something you would get used to though.

My conclusion was that tuning to drop D takes about two seconds. The extra three notes (B, C, C#) that I gained by having the extra string really wasn't worth the trouble.

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well the Schetcers seem to have thick necks, the RG7321 has a thinner neck, and the RG1527 has a thinner one. what are you planning on playing with it? metal a la Unearth, or metal a la Jag Pazer or Nevermore?
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i wouldn't recommend a 7 string guitar, i would recommend an ESP/LTD baritone guitar!
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7 strings! The two brands that come to mind are Ibanez and Schecter. So I will sum up the main advantages/disadvantages of the brands most popular models.

Schecter C7 Blackjack/Hellraiser


Nice Pickups (EMGs for hellraiser, Seymour Duncans for blackjack)
26.5 Inch scale which gives a tighter sound so the low b doesnt turn into mud.
Mahogany body, Nice Dark tone for metal player
Hard Tail, if you like to down tune alot this works well for that.
Set Neck with ultra access gives great fret access


Schecter 6 string necks are resonably thick so i'd imagine that the 7 string ones will be large if your preference is thin necks,
Finished necks , some people dislike painted necks and prefer satin finishes

Ibanez RG1527


thinner neck with all access neck joint for easy access to higher frets.
Nice satin finish on neck.
Nice Edge Pro tremolo system.
Basswood body, which gives a nice neutral tone.
GREAT hard case included in price
made in japan so quality may be slightly higher.

25.5 scale doesnt work so well with 7 strings as a 26.5 scale
Pickups are ok at best but if you are partial to a certain pickup you can upgrade knowing your not wasting some brand name pickups.
Edge Pro Tremolo system not so hot for alternate tuning but you can get a tremol-no if you really want a tremolo

All in all it depends what you're after and you cant go wrong either IMO.
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ScottishAngus pretty much nailed it with the Schecter vs. Ibanez comparison, and he's right, it all depends on what you're after. I've been playing 7's *exclusively* for the last 10 yrs (mostly Ibanez, but not all). That style of guitar fits my playing style, it works for ME.....ya gotta give one a decent workthru and decide if it'll add to YOUR playing.

People either LOVE or HATE 7's. It's not just a "metal" guitar. You could still play ANY kind of music on a 7, if you're used to a 7. You could even play drop-D stuff on a 7, not drop-A, drop-D.......trust me......I've done it..........not too difficult......

I like how the necks on Ibanez 7's feel. Schecter 7's sound good, but so do Ibanez. Actually, I have a really cheap Dean 7 with stock crappy pickups that sounds HUGE, yet suprisingly clear.

Baritone guitars are a cool concept, but they limit your range of playability. I say keep the high strings and add the low for extra playability........otherwise take your old 6-string and re-string it with heavier gauges and tune it baritone.......where's the fun in that?
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I don't play death metal, though. Chris

neither do i, but i tune to baritone and like 7 strings...you stereotypical git
7 strings are cool i suppose.
I personally play alot of metal/rock. so therefor im tuned low..
one of the main reasons people use 7 strings is for lower tunings. but you can acheive most low tunings on a 6 string by using sufficient thick enough strings... Heavy Tops, Beefy Slinkies. The Zakk Wylde boomers are awesome for low tunings.. one set has a .60 for the low e string, the other has a .70 . so, if you want it purely for low tunings, maybe look for an alternative way, IE the thicker strings.
But its all up to you mate.
Happy Riffing.
Well their necks are massive, and even with my large hands and long fingers, they feel a bit uncomfortable, takes some time to get used to too, you won't play powerchords the same way.