I'm the only guitarist in my band (drums,Bass,guitar, vocals ) iv bean trying to writ some solos. and i don't know if i should try to harmonize withe the bass or just move into any key or mod. what I'm tyring to say is what are the conventional rules so i can brake them later.
For soloing, you should definately stay in the same key, if you're just starting. In order to change keys, im almost positive everything has to change, maybe not so much if you're going to the relative minor or relative major, but even there you might have to, also. If you're just starting, you should probably stay on the major/minor pentatonics and learn all shapes of them. You could also use the blues scale.

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Conventional.... what key are you in? Play in that key.

Unconventional..... what key are you in? Play in some "related" scale around that key.

Bizarre, and will only impress on an academic level or for those who are tone deaf? What key are you in? Play in a key either a minor second or a tritone away.


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Generally, with only one guitarist, you should probably just stay within the key you're playing, but still, you're always welcome to hit some notes outside the key that still go with it. I believe Alexi Laiho wrote something about that in his GW column.
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